​A Different Process, Experience, and Desired Outcome.

Today you may be making a choice that allows you to move closer to obtaining the peace of mind and harmony that you are seeking. If you’re on this page, you are either ready for acceptance and/or change or getting closer to being ready

We imagine that you may have many questions, concerns or uncertainties.  This page is intended to provide some information and hopefully comfort in terms of what to expect on your client journey here at Lessons N Sessions.

At Lessons N Sessions, we endeavor to support, enlighten, transform, and empower our clients.  We believe the relational fit between client and therapist is a unique, person-centered partnership.  In addition to being highly qualified service providers, we are also human beings and deeply committed to partnering with you for change during this time.


We are a diverse group of clinicians and want you to feel empowered from the very beginning of your therapeutic journey.  To start your process, please complete the form located on our Appointments page which gives you the options of your preferred therapist, preferred race/gender, preferred time, preferred service platforms and preferred method of contact.  If you’d prefer to speak with us, please call us at 1-848-999-0123.  If you’d prefer to email us, please email lessonsinsessions@gmail.com and provide the same information.

Upon receiving your information by phone, email or via website form, someone will contact you by your preferred method.  Upon communicating with you and learning more about your expectations, we will endeavor to pair you with the therapist that most closely aligns with your preferences and current set of circumstances.

If you elect to use insurance, we will obtain your specific benefit information from your insurance and provide you with any financial responsibility you may have for your approval.  Once approved, you will be scheduled for your first appointment.

Prior to your first appointment, you will be contacted by the therapist to answer any questions you may have. You will also receive an email granting you access to a Therapy Portal that will provide all of the required Intake documents for you to complete PRIOR to your first appointment.

Don’t worry, all of the documents are electronic and can be completed online, e-signed and uploaded.  For those who prefer paper instead, all documents can be printed, signed and either emailed, faxed or mailed back to us.

Upon receiving your Intake paperwork, you will receive a Confirmation of Your First Appointment communication by text, email or phone based upon the preference you selected.

If you have an afternoon or evening appointment, you will receive a text reminder (if selected) the morning of your appointment, asking you to confirm or cancel your appointment.  You must confirm or cancel your appointment by 12 noon to avoid any cancelation fees. Same day cancellations after 12 noon will be charged the full contracted insurance rate. No shows will be charged $100.00

If you have a morning appointment, you will receive a text reminder (if selected) the evening before your appointment asking you to confirm or cancel your appointment. You must confirm or cancel your appointment by 12 midnight to avoid any cancelation fees. Same day cancellations after 12 midnight will be charged the full contracted insurance rate. No shows will be charged $100.00


Your first visit will consist of an interview between you and your Therapist in which the two of you will determine if the Therapist is a good fit for your counseling needs. If you and the Therapist agree that the Therapist is not right for you, the Therapist will refer you to another Therapist. Fees and times may seem incidental to the actual therapy; but consistency in the temporal aspect of the frame contributes greatly to your sense of security. If your schedule is constantly changing, you will find that it is difficult to get any work done in therapy, and you will likely find yourself with subtle feelings of discomfort. If, however, these details remain solid and secure, your unconscious mind will see your Therapist as healthy, consistent, safe, strong, and devoted to your care.


The usual appointment schedule is once a week, though you and your Therapist may decide to meet every other week. At your first session, you and the Therapist should agree on a regular day and time for your appointment. Therapy sessions are typically 45 or 50 minutes. To maintain the secure frame, your Therapist will hold you to that time. If you arrive late, you still must stop at the agreed time. If, on the other hand, the Therapist is late, he/she should give you the full appointment time.